Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Music Review: YOOP "Take Shelter"

To me, the true measure of music is how it stands up in various situations.  I listened to this album- "Take Shelter"- all the way through the first time I opened the link for it because I liked it that much from the first song.    I've also listened to it (among other times) while cleaning and while in the shower.   So, to me, if I can listen to it when I'm in all these different situations, it must be good.  (Far too often I worry that my mood sometimes can affect my opinion of a song.  Such as if a single was submitted to me on a day when I was more relaxed I might enjoy it and sometimes I worry I'm writing off certain songs not because I don't like them but because of other outside issues)

The songs of YOOP range from dreamy, blissed out rock ala Mazzy Star to something from the 1980's in the ways of synthwave.    It can just as much resemble the Cranberries at one point as it can make me want to get up and dance during the next song.    It's versatile in that respect, but the songs also flow without the listener ever wondering how they came together in the first place.   Perhaps it has more of a retro feel to it than modern but I suppose that it also something for the listener to decide.

As much as I can hear Cyndi Lauper in these songs, I can also hear Polly Scattergood.   The pianos can be somewhat sad, dark but yet the overall mood is still upbeat.   If I was going to pick a favorite song or one I think you should listen to that could get you into the whole album I'd choose "Loose Cannon".    Though the final track, which is also the title track, has the line "Wake up just in time" and I always think it's saying "Wake up, Justin", which might just be me but who knows.   If you're not listening to this one, you should be. 

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