Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Music Review: Sahara "Colibris" (La Souterraine)

I got an email from Lac Souterraine recently which announced four new albums and this was one of them.   I didn't really listen to it before I downloaded it so when I found it in a folder on my flash drive, I pressed play and was somewhat surprised by it.   At first, the sounds have this instrumental electronic sound that is ambient.    It's relaxing.   It's something that people less familiar with ambient music might even consider to be boring.

Then it kicks in and boy does it kick in.   I was, admittedly, listening to this one while cleaning.   I do a lot of cleaning (Some would say too much) and as such I really need a certain level of music to motivate me.   At first I thought this was good but not the pick me up I needed to vacuum behind the couch.   Once it kicks in with the vocals though, it gives me more than enough energy that I need to clean.

Sahara would fall somewhere between rock music in a radio sense and in a math rock sense.   Female vocals with male vocals coming through at times as well flow over electronics, crunchy guitars and just a whole lot of fun.   Musically, it's somewhere between post rock and Christiansen, though with the whole math rock idea you could also think of someone such as Great Grandpa.

I described Sahara to someone I know as being a cross between The Cranberries and Metric.   That might not sound like a good enough description to you because you might just view them both as "rock bands", but the thing is, a lot of what comes out on this album isn't just from strictly the music in terms of "Oh, it sounds like this".     A lot of it is the mood which the music puts me in.   The song "Child" is one of the first I would recommend listening to if you needed a "single", but the word "stay" is sung more and I like that about it.

The title track is dreamy, blissed out and by the end we hit this point where I feel sad.   I will go back to my original statement of cleaning and by the time I had reached the end of this album I was done cleaning so it might have hit me harder than it should have, but it really felt like as this album came to an end it reached another sort of final phase-- a death.

Whether it is because it is French or not, this album has this quality of sounding like something The Beats would've made, you know, if you compare all music wiht poetry.   This would be the music that the cool kids are making and that the cool kids are listening to because of how it sounds: which is not quite like anything else.   Words cannot express how deeply I am in love with this album and Sahara.

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