Friday, November 17, 2017

Music Review: The Ah "Common Bliss" (NNA Tapes)

As soon as I put this one on I knew I was going to like it.   There are these tones and drones which mostly are relaxing.    It's not like anything I've really heard before as it has some definite alien vibes, such as some higher species made it perhaps.   It's pleasant but that isn't even the right word to describe it.   I think of it as chillwave and to call it "blisscore" could also be accurate but only to an extent. 

Clanks bring in percussion and there are a few audio clips in here as well.   By the end of it there is even singing.   The thing with this one is, there are sounds likely being made by instruments that you can find other musicians using.   The difference between them and The Ah is how these notes are delivered.   It's as if there is a keyboard of some sort which when pressed creates a tone but that tone escapes the instrument in the form of a bubble.    Can you picture that with me?

You are probably used to music making you feel a certain way.   The best music can bring out emotions in people.   No matter what that emotion though, I have always wondered what the lasting affects would be.   Surely, one who listens to nothing but the blues would not lead a sad life.   But while a pop song, for example, can take away your worries and make you seem happy it is only for a moment.   The Ah seems to be conditioning the listener to be happier for a much longer period of time, something which I don't believe music has ever done before.

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