Sunday, October 22, 2017

Music Review: sardashhh "carnelia"

It's been a minute since I last caught up with sardashhh.    The thing that I like about sardashhh is that this music transcends that sort of typical ideal of electronic music.   You know how you can listen to something such as grunge, for example, and hear the different sounds and voices and right away know whether it is Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, STP, etc?   I feel like sardashhh does that for electronic-based music: I can hear this and recognize it as such because it has that unique fingerprint on it.

Beats, tones, lasers, shakers, in some sense this can be minimal electronics and at other times it can rage with the drum machine beats and chaos.     There are hints of video games but not a large overall feel of them.   This would definitely be the soundtrack to a movie I'd watch though I have no idea what genre I would put it in (Somewhere between futuristic sci-fi and outerspace alien encounters, like The Matrix vs. Star Wars)

On the song "rivered" there is this talking briefly over the beats but then that is seemingly replaced by what sounds like horns but is likely synths.    In this track of sporatic drums, there are also these tones that make me think I have some sort of notification on my phone.    Between text messages, emails, eBay, Twitter telling me about Trump (Which has got to stop) and event reminders in the calendar, I'm never sure what noise my phone is making but it always seems to be doing something. 

I like (and fully support) the idea of messing with people in that sense though, just like I feel like most people should hide cop sirens in their songs so if you're listening to it while driving you think you're getting pulled over.   Maybe I'm just an asshole.   But maybe this particular sound in this song will have you checking your phone to wonder what that notification was for and that has me pleased.

As the songs progress, you'll feel like you've left Earth and you've found yourself being taken into space.    It has this fairly grounded feel to it when you first press play, but ultimately you hear those spaced invaders ideas and it's as if you've been transported off of this planet in some magical, wonderful journey.   All too often, music seems to start at one place and when you are finished listening to it you feel like you are left in that same space.     The fact that sardashhh can take you away is not only important for music overall, it is somewhat essential to you as a human being as well. 

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