Friday, October 13, 2017

Music Review: Painted Faces "Return to Vault of Fear" (Already Dead Tapes)

I've been listening to this one from Painted Faces for a while because I didn't really know what to write about it.     The music has vocals at times but can seemingly be music over vocals because some portions feel like instrumental interludes.    It has this dark sense to it at first, which reminds me of Black Sabbath even though it's not really metal.   The guitar notes come through with distortion and twang and I want to think of it as some weirdo/outsider rock music.   As he says "Every town is the same" (And, yes, that is the main point I got out of that song, so there's that) it reminds me of Hum or Local H as well.

There are also these sounds of space, which have an extraterrestrial feel to them.   It eventually becomes this rusty guitar with a jingle-jangle as well and, yeah, there are these manipulated vocals I can't quite place.   I know with Garage Band you can filter your vocals and one option is "alien" (And I think there is a "robot" one too) and it might be that, but I might also just be in this alien state of mind and that's why I'm thinking that.   All these space lasers have my mind made up for me.

Guitar notes remind me of Nirvana.   Guitar strums remind me of Chuck Berry.   But this is neither really grunge nor rock n roll.    This music is pieces of other sounds, fragments of a whole come together to mirror what you might have heard before but in no way is it really any of those things fully.   And if that doesn't make sense- good.   It is not meant to really make sense.   It is often written "You need to hear this to believe it" and I feel like those words have never been more true before.

Oh yeah, and keep on rocking in the freak world.   Can this be "freakshow rock"?  Am I allowed to make subgenres yet?

"Return to Vault of Fear" is available on vinyl ($14) and download ($8) via this link:

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