Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cassette Review: "That Too Long Hour Never Dim Enough To Sleep" (Kerchow Records)

I have heard both Restaurnaut and Wica Intina enough before to know what I was getting into with this split cassette.   It should be seen as one of those all-star type of ideas because you should also be already familiar with both of these artists and I'm not even going to say that one of them should make you want to listen to this cassette because both of them should.

Restaurnaut offers up the acoustic guitar and vocals thing on Side A.    It's got these sort of growls in it you have to hear to understand.   It's also got these lyrics you have to read to understand because I'm not going to quote them all for you nor recite my tired speech about the difference between a songwriter and someone who simply writes lyrics (Restaurnaut is a songwriter)    There is this mix of Modest Mouse and Kimya Dawson, which if that's not enough to get you into this cassette then I don't know what is.

Oh wait.   There is one song about conspiracy theories and how he believes in them all.   Everything from believing in Area 51 to believing 9/11 was an inside job.    To file under the category of "Things I Shouldn't Know But Do", there are actually a lot of songs about how 9/11 was an inside job and if you find one rap video on YouTube about it you'll go down quite the rabbithole.   I believe that Area 51 is real.   If there weren't such things as aliens- if life on other planets wasn't possible- I believe they would just come out and tell us.   I believe there would be undeniable proof.

So to think that life only exists on Earth seems naive and close-minded.   But then you also have to think if the government is lying to us about aliens then what else are they lying to us about?   I don't think you can be someone who believes some conspiracy theories-- I think you're either against them or all in and I'm all in.   (I'm actually writing this review two days after 9/11/17 and still don't feel badly saying it was an inside job.   Again, go watch the YouTube videos.   Hip hop doesn't lie)

Wica Intina has this darker quality to the acoustic guitar and vocals combination.    Granted, Restaurnaut ends Side A with a song called "When I'm Gone", but there is just this Johnny Cash feel to Wica Intina.   It's droning string plucks which make it less like that singer/songwriter/folk/whatever type of sound from Side A.    A little bit of Nirvana in an acoustic sense and a tad of Dylan as well round out this sound which even has whistling.

What one should take away from this split cassette is that you have two artists who seemingly adhere to the same properties of music: that being their voice + an acoustic guitar.   And while there are obvious similarities because, you know, they're still both playing the same instrument and singing, there is this strong sense of their sounds being different as well.   So to use the same tools and create such distinct results is a lesson many copycat artists can learn from but also a true testament to how talented both of these artists on this split are.

$5 // Edition of 100 // https://kerchowrecords.bandcamp.com/album/that-too-long-hour-never-dim-enough-to-sleep

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