Friday, October 13, 2017

Cassette Review: Ryan Kayhart "Dead Flower People" (Already Dead Tapes)

What I find interesting when I open this cassette to play it is the dedication inside.   I tend to like to listen to a cassette at least once before I read the insert about it, but this just jumped out at me for some reason.    You can read what it says for yourself in my photos (or by buying the cassette, wink wink) but the thing it seems to remind me of is field medics.    If you ever find yourself bored to some extent and want to read something that seems unfathomable in 2017, do research on those who played doctors and nurse during major wars of the past.   It is just... such a remarkable thing and a lesson on how everyone should treat each other in life.

Anyone who reads my reviews (And has anyone actually read all of them?  That'd be crazy to think about) knows how I feel about music which cannot be defined.    I feel like it is some of the best I get to experience but also I feel like it should be more common given all of the influences and combinations which can be made in this day and age.    What starts off as dreamy can be manipulated as if someone is holding down one of the buttons on a cassette player to make it kind of like how a record would be scratched.  (Is there a term for this?  If not, someone create one please)

The music is somewhat trippy as well.   I hear Pink Floyd in it, which is good because I feel like I haven't made that comparison in a while.   As much as the vocals can seemingly drone (I don't know how anyone can sing for that long) there are fun instrumental parts as well and I'm torn between whether I feel like this is more vocals or music based.     By the end of Side A, we have a song which has these high pitched vocals and reminds me of Weezer for some reason.    This turns into something completely different by the end of it, with deeper vocals and it has sort of a Beck feel to it.

On the flip side we start things off with a mellow, chill sort of song that I want to call lazy for some reason but it's not a reflection of the musicianship but rather the pace at which it is delivered.     High pitched vocals come out and I'm thinking it's like the Bee Gees, but then these demonic vocals come in to sing along and I'm just not sure what to think.     There is just this pleasant groove to this music but every time you think it is going in a direction where you can figure it out, the path changes.   And I love that about it.

Too many artists wear their influences on their sleeves.   I could never understand why, as a musician, you would want to limit yourself to making music which only reflected one or two of your biggest influences.   Do people really think "Well, the Beatles were successful and I love them so why not make music which sounds like them"?   Ryan Kayhart crafts the type of genre-bending music that every artist should be attempting these days.

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