Monday, July 31, 2017

Music Review: Mademe X "The Villain"

I've never been a big fan of people who compare music to other music to try and get it over, such as saying "Oh, this is a better version of this other thing".    It reminds me of kids in middle school who would make fun of other kids to get laughs and it's kind of sad to make friends by putting others down isn't it?    I'm also not a fan of people who say "I'm not a fan of these things" but then do them any way and, well, that's what I'm about to do.

In the past few years you could turn on the radio or whatever and see something about either Florence and the Machine or Adele somewhere.    I never really had a problem with either artist I just never really got into their music.    I'd hear a song, think was okay and then somehow hear it fifty thousand times more (like that Adele one about the otter slide) and get sick of it.    As soon as I press play on these songs by Mademe X I am in love.   They have that power-- that force-- that I feel previously mentioned artists should contain but just somehow fall short of displaying for me.

Now, I'd be backtracking or something if I said that Mademe X was like Florence or Adele only better because to me, she's not even in the same league as them.   Aside from the fact that these songs are belted out like there's no tomorrow and the music is powerful enough to raise an army of the undead, I think one of the strongest qualities in these songs is their lyrics, which many artists fail to deliver on in a mainstream sense.

From the first song- "Q U E E N"- we have this anthem about knowing what your plan in life is and being on track for it.    It's not so much about power as it is about control and I know that a lot of times we've all likely felt out of control.     So whether you want to consider it motivational or inspirational it's the type of song I like to start every day with and, no, I am not bothered by the fact that I can sing along with this and not spell "K I N G" (If you must still believe in gender, just think of bees)

Soul, depth and meaning beyond the words are just some of the things you will find in these songs.    (And killer guitar riffs, but, you know, I kind of wanted to keep that as a surprise for you)   It's like a pop song you'd hear on the radio except you likely won't because it isn't mindless enough.    And that's a shame because I feel like we need to become a society of thinkers, but hey, I get this music either way so, yeah, go out of your way to listen to "The Villain".

For all things Mademe X, including a physical CD of "The Villain", click here.

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