Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Battle Packs 40 Enzo Amore & Big Cass (Mattel) [# 137 & # 138]

When this Battle Pack was first announced I knew I needed it.   I kept searching Google for photos of the prototypes, to the point where I found this weird looking action figure, tweeted Enzo Amore about it and he actually replied to me!  (True story)  Then, the drama came.   This Battle Pack began selling for three times its mass retail price and more on secondary markets.    I kept going to various Walmarts and saw the other two sets in this series- Bushwhackers and Vince/Austin- but never this one.   I'd at one time saw no less than five of each of those two other sets and yet no Enzo and Cass.

Then I walked into the Bristol Walmart, convinced I'd have to wait until this series hit Target to find it, and found these two fellas staring back at me.   I searched through the pegs and found three different sets of Enzo & Cass so I picked the one which looked best, as this one had no odd markings on it.   The first one I grabbed seemed all right- just a dot of paint missing on Cass' beard- but the other one they had was pretty messed up so I was glad I had three to choose from and didn't have to settle for the one which suffered from poor quality control.   (Pictures of that one have also been included in this review)

At SDCC photos were shown for a new Enzo & Cass Battle Pack which I thought might be a Basic singles release for them but even with Enzo & Cass being released again in a few more series of Battle Packs I still wanted this set and that set as well.   Enzo & Cass- as with most NXT talent- are just two of those guys that I'd actually buy as Elites as well and I don't really like to buy tag teams as Elites in case I can only find one and not the other.

Enzo Amore himself just has so many different looks I don't think I will ever tire of buying his various figures and one day hope to have a collection of no less than fifty of him in different fashion statements.    But, as with most of these figures I've been reviewing lately, it's less about "You should buy this" and closer to "If you can find it".    Since it goes for closer to $20 at mass retail, if you could find it online for $30 I'd buy it.    (It's actually sold out on Ringside Collectibles and Amazon is overpriced so I don't know where to tell you to look)   Oddly enough we also got this for $17.97 at Walmart, which was less than we paid for the Elite Tyler Breeze.   Just think about that.

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