Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cassette Review: VARIOUS ARTISTS "KERCHINGLE #5 - "I E-mailed You An .mp3"" (Kerchow! Records)

[$3 // Edition of 64 // https://kerchowrecords.bandcamp.com/album/kerchingle-5-i-e-mailed-you-an-mp3]

This particular compilation by Kerchow! Records is an interesting one because it is comprised of 60 artists creating 60 songs at a length of ten seconds each, thus creating a ten minute overall cassette.    The artists are sort of known for more traditional length songs (I don't really know anyone who is known for creating songs under ten seconds) but then they all become abridged in a sense.    It makes me wonder first off how you approach artists and say "I want you to create a song for this comp I'm doing... but it can't be longer than ten seconds".   I feel like it'd be met with a lot of unreturned emails.   On top of which, you have a whopping sixty artists participating on an edition of 64 so you have to imagine none of the artists are getting their own copies for free just for contributing.

To have this many songs and this many artists in such a short period of time really creates something that I feel will inspire A.D.D.   The songs are seemingly samples, shorter versions it feels like artists could expand upon and also just maybe there is this one song about how you should wash your hands after you poop.    I've often thought about (and started working on) an album where the songs would feel more like clips than actual songs, as I would just write a few lines and put them to music.   I wanted to try and get maybe twenty or so of them together and form a small collection but I haven't made it that far yet-- which is why I mention it here because I might never complete it.    (If anyone wants to hear the first song as a sort of sample though, contact me and maybe I'll send it to you)

From Morgue Toad to Sean Patrick Sullivan, from Shivering Window to Shojo Winter, Lesbian Poetry to Diners and even Red Pony Clock there is just such a diverse group of artists here and yet some of them are so established you have to wonder what brought them into this compilation in the first place.    But it also somehow makes this feel like one of those cassettes you just need to own-- not just because of those involved but because of the very concept of it and that something like this has never been done before and might never be done again (And if it is done again it will be referenced to this one then)   Also, yes, it does sound like someone trying to find a song on the radio that they want to stick with.

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