Tuesday, August 2, 2016

WWE Hall of Fame Series Eddie Guerrero (Mattel) [Figure # 129]

There comes a time when you have to say you have all of the Hall of Fame figures you want and I thought I had reached that point until we found ourselves back at Target with the HoF figures on sale for $9.99 again.    I do feel like having an Eddie Guerrero figure in our Mattel collection is important and I kind of like the Basic one from the Wrestlemania Heritage series better but when the price is the same and this one comes with the shirt and roses it just makes more sense to take the one with more articulation at the same price.

Eddie Guerrero is one of those wrestlers who has been everywhere and done everything and yet the idea of having him in figure form is great because he can get into these dream matches with anyone from Kalisto to Samoa Joe to AJ Styles to Finn Balor... The possibilities are just endless it would seem and I like that not just about this figure but that with this WWE Mattel line you can do such things-- either revisit classic matches from years ago or even just create your own new dream matches.

I suppose even though I liked the short hair scan better from the WMH series (which might have also been the torso choice and tights, but who knows) this is still the best choice for an Eddie Guerrero figure for our collection simply because with the mullet he could be in Mexico, Japan, WWE, WCW, ECW, etc.   He really has no limits with this figure where as with his short hair scan it's pretty limited to his final WWE run.

I'm not a fan of these molded t-shirts which I also have from Brock Lesnar and most recently the Hall of Fame Stone Cold, but I can see why Mattel might choose to make them this way for some sort of quality over cost even.   Yes, it's probably less money- I don't really know- but some people probably get weird about fabric shirts as well even though I think at times they could both be beneficial and it sort of depends upon who you're trying to put the shirt on I suppose.   This shirt isn't terrible but I think it might have been better to give this Eddie figure the fabric one.

At one point in time when I was at Target staring down the Basic Eddie Guerrero and Basic Razor Ramon figures thinking I could add two noted names from the past to our collection at the same time and for only $20, which is the price of an Elite.   I feel like I just haven't quite found that Razor Ramon/Scott Hall figure that I want yet (Though a discounted DM would do), but I am glad I waited even though if I did buy those two figures back then I'd probably still get this Eddie Guerrero figure simply because of the sale, the articulation and the mullet.

I don't plan on finding anyone else now in the Hall of Fame Series that we don't yet have aside from Tito Santana and then maybe we'll see Jimmy Hart or Ted Dibiase, but I won't buy any of those guys so it looks like we're caught up for real this time with the HoF Series until they release the next one and I finally buy that Cactus Jack figure for $20.  Bang bang!

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