Thursday, August 4, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Summerslam Series Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Mattel)

I found out about the Buy One Get One 40% off sale at Toys R Us which allowed us to get this Hacksaw Jim Duggan figure for 40% off of $10.99.    What's funny is that the sale was for figures in this price range, but the Summerslam Series didn't appear to be part of the sale.   I feel like this was because the people at Toys R Us just looked at all of the Basic figures as being the same- and by that I mean $9.99 each as well- and so this series didn't get put into the system for the sale so we argued it at the register and obviously won.

It is worth noting that Hacksaw Jim Duggan was our second choice for this series.  I picked up a British Bulldog first and asked Quentin if he wanted him.   Quentin said no.   There weren't a lot of Basics to choose from, so if Quentin said no to Hacksaw Jim Duggan we might have just had to grab the British Bulldog for lack of wanting to offer Quentin anyone else since everyone else we either already had or like the Batista in this series just flat out didn't want.

As a kid growing up, I remember having the Hacksaw Jim Duggan Hasbro figure.   In the Jakks years, I also had Hacksaw as a RA style figure in the Classic line.   You know what the the differences were between those two figures and this one?   Obviously the previous two I owned (but no longer own) didn't have their faces painted, but they also came with the 2x4.   Why couldn't Mattel find it in their budget to slip a 2x4 in here?   Oh well, just get some popsicle sticks and that should do the trick.

Even though I didn't find that era of professional wrestling boring I do think that certain action figures from that era lack a bit of personality.   Without the face paint this figure just doesn't look nearly as interesting and I really think if I had to guess I would say that the face paint is what made this figure stand out so that Quentin chose it over the British Bulldog.     So it is nice to be able to think that I'm buying this action figure of someone for the third time in my life and yet it doesn't feel like I'm just buying the first two figures again in Mattel form (Which is why I won't buy the Mattel Elite Junk Yard Dog) so at least Mattel mixed it up a little bit and for that I am grateful.

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