Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Toy Review: iZombie Liv Moore (Diamond Select Toys)

When I first saw this action figure at Toys R Us I was impressed and ready to buy it.   However, I didn't and then a short time later I didn't see it at Toys R Us again and assumed it sold out and I blew my chance.   So, when I found out via the Wrestlingfigs.com forums that there was a sale at Toys R Us which would include this figure I went looking for it on a Saturday before a Westerners game.   Much to my surprise, I found it (at a $13.99 price point) and with the sale I was able to get a WWE action figure at 40% off, which will be my next Toy Review.

I remember watching iZombie during the first season and thinking it had the makings of something like "Veronica Mars" only better.   Look, I love "Veronica Mars" as much as anyone (maybe even moore), but iZombie has the power to draw from the comic book source and as such it could go on for however many seasons people are willing to watch it.   I wasn't sure whether or not it'd get picked up for a second season but now we're going into a third season soon and as such it seems to be the most popular and yet least talked about show based upon a comic book.

One time while at Newbury Comics I purchased an iZombie button for my bag simply because it seems like the amount of iZombie merchandise out there is greatly lacking.   I don't know though, maybe I just need to go to the right places like Hot Topic or something.   In any case, finally owning this action figure is something I'm rather happy about because even though all episodes of iZombie are on Netflix right now I'd still like to own them on Blu-Ray one day because I just enjoy the show (and comic books) that much.

This action figure comes with five extra hands which you can swap out, a rusty lead pipe for hitting other people with, a cup of coffee, a bottle of hot sauce and of course Brain Ramen.     There is also a stand included and as such I promptly put Liv on display with the stand but then was unsure about what to do with the smaller accessories (like the hands) and so I just left them in the box for right now until I figure out something better.  (And I'm open to suggestions)

With such a great likeness this is just one of those pieces of merchandise every fan of iZombie should own, even if you just buy it to keep mint-on-card.    I also opened and put Liv near my Mattel WWE action figures and she is of a decent scale with them, so just a heads up, but WWE does have their own zombie line coming out via Mattel if anyone wants to create a crossover there.   I feel like I could (or someone else should) take pictures of the WWE zombie figures with this Liv Moore figure for a special comic book of sorts, maybe even only four pages or so, but it could be something really cool if done right.

In the height of the popularity of something like "Veronica Mars" if they made an action figure of V-Mars herself I'd likely buy it.   Right now though, one of my biggest reasons for wanting this (other than the fact that I collect toys still) is simply because it feels like I'm trying to get my hands on anything and everything I can iZombie related.

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