Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Digital Music Review: Various Artists "The Cure In Other Voices" (The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records)

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The Cure is one of those artists which has influenced so many modern artists- especially in the realm of shoegaze- that a lot of what I listen to now sounds like The Cure in ways and as such a tribute such as this only seems fitting.   The only way I think that a compilation such as this could become more needed is if it was being made for the songs of Elliott Smith, whom I tend to hear in just about everything as well.  (And, yes, it would be easy to make the jump from "Well, you sound like Elliott Smith anyway so just cover one of his songs" should that be someone TBTCI decides to dedicate one of these projects to in the future)

If you still for whatever reason are not listening to these compilations that TBTCI is creating- which range from general themes to covers of specific bands- then perhaps it can be this one dedicated to The Cure which draws you in.   It is an impressive thirty-two tracks with everything from the most popular radio songs to those ones you hope make it on there but aren't sure if they will or not.    I feel like doing maybe ten or fifteen songs just wouldn't have been enough considering not only the influence of The Cure but their extensive back catalog as well.

While it can be stated that a lot of these cover songs can sound as if they are being played in just slightly different styles of The Cure themselves it's not so much that the band is trying to sound like The Cure but it just happens to be that they have the general influence already and so it just works so well together.     From artists you should already know like Static Daydream to the drum machine beat bliss of Walk Onto Sun it is just such a wide range of artists- since there are so many songs- that I'm not sure whether or not this would read like a compilation or not without these being cover songs if someone had no idea who The Cure was in advance of it, but I feel like they might.

From all of the artists involved to the songs themselves to the fact that this is about The Cure, I think this is not only one of my favorite compilations from The Blog That Celebrates Itself but it's one of my favorite compilations ever, not just in terms of the songs being Cure covers but just for all of the right reasons.

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