Friday, April 15, 2016

MP3 Review: Animalia "(dissonance)" (Culvert Music)

Everything about this album is what you want it to be.   I believe that if you've lived your life like I have, then you will hear what I do in here, but if you've gone down another path you might hear something different.   Vocally, I can hear The Cranberries in these songs, and of course I have to give this a nod to Bjork (if only at first), Kimbra and Polly Scattergood.   But the more you listen to "(dissonance)" the more you will hear the other influences coming out in it.

I grew up when Madonna was all about being a virgin and that sort of thing, so I consider this to sound like the later years of Madonna but only in that way when Madonna sings about "Something's coming over me / My baby's got a secret" because I realize music by Madonna has been released since then and so that's probably the middle of her career or so.   Drum machines and pianos, I have to also give a shout out to Dark Matter Noise who come through a bit musically as, yes, there is a sense of darkness within these songs.   They have that pop feel to them but not in the way that you're going to bounce around as much as sing along.

Between the album "Adore" (Smashing Pumpkins) and that synth of Nine Inch Nails on "Dead Weight", a song like "Fever Dream" can make me feel like we're jumping rope or, well, in a fever dream and if you've ever needed more proof that Animalia can belt out these songs and has the raw talent of a singer then you need look no further than the song "Hurting" because she does exactly that.  
I don't really listen to the radio.   I don't know if this would be considered "too dark" for the radio or not.   But what I do know is that while there exists these artists on the radio right now that I don't really care about (And I feel like Gwen Stefani is leading them into battle) if I have my way as a writer and fan of music, then in ten years from now when my son asks me what music we were listening to back then I'm not going to show him whatever everyone else thinks is popular right now but rather this album by Animalia because it will withstand that test of time.  

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