Monday, March 28, 2016

Toy Review: Daredevil / Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Hasbro)

Ever since Quentin and I really got into these Marvel Mashers I've said that there should be a Daredevil one.   I'm not sure if it is a coincidence or if it is simply because of his show and possible appearance in an upcoming Marvel movie, but it is nice to see Daredevil in this line.   I grew up a huge fan of Spider-Man because when I was ten years old I wasn't really going to be into Daredevil but then as I got older and read more comic books I became a fan of Daredevil.  A huge fan, actually.   I have comic books of Daredevil that I bought just because I liked the cover.   I also am one of the few people who enjoys the movie starring Ben Affleck.

With the series on Netflix now this figure only makes sense and I just wish we could somehow get one for Jessica Jones but since that doesn't feel likely can we start putting together lists of Daredevil villains we'd like to see in this line?   Since we can't get Elektra either, I'd still appreciate Bullseye and Kingpin coming out here.    But time will only tell I suppose.   It feels as if next up would be more characters from Guardians of the Galaxy since that sequel is due out, Gambit hopefully since even though I think that movie is delayed hopefully a toy wouldn't be and then maybe some X-Men.   Why have we been so short on X-Men Mashers anyway?  Oh, and yeah, I totally expect the next Masher to be Blank Panther as well.

Back when I was hardcore into toys (I feel like I am only into toys now because of Quentin) I would have bought this figure based upon the fact that it was Daredevil even if I didn't have any of the other figures in the line.   While Quentin isn't entirely sure who Daredevil is because he hasn't seen the movie or watched the Netflix series (Though if Daredevil does appear in an Avengers movie he'll see him then) I am certain that as he gets older he will have a higher appreciation for these Mashers and then will also find out about The Man Without Fear.

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