Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Toy Review: Luigi & Guido / Cars (Mattel)

Someone at Disney and/or Mattel has realized that another wave of children is currently falling in love with the movie "Cars" because the toys are hitting back in waves of the old.   I feel like these two haven't been released (or modified at least) since the original movie and why should they be?   As much as I wanted my son to have a Lightning McQueen car (and so did he) I felt like he also needed a Mater to go with him.    Even Sarge and Fillmore go together.   Everyone in "Cars" seems to be paired up somehow, isn't it weird?  But no pair goes together and seems more bonded than Luigi and Guido.

When I first saw the movie "Cars" my favorite characters were Luigi and Guido if only because Luigi is voiced by Tony Shalhoub and I feel like I was really into "Monk" back then.   Guido also has the best scene in the entire movie (Yes, really) as he changes the tires in the final race and, yes, I finally did watch "Cars" again and this time on Blu-Ray.   

Two of the smaller cars that don't really do that much outside of their shop during the movie- with the exception of going to the race at the end of course- and yet still somehow easily amongst my favorites.   My son agrees as we got these on Father's Day and he took them out to lunch with us and was playing with them the entire time.    The Radiator Springs family grows and grows.  

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