Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Toy Review: Dusty and Minnie + El Chupacabra / Planes (Mattel)

As my son has explored the world of "Cars" and collected many of the toys for it, there was only a matter of time before he similarly got into "Planes", which felt like more of a movie to try and get more merchandise out there than one to get people to actually, you know, watch it.    We may never own "Planes" as a movie but the toys apparently are going to come into our home.

This set was found at Walmart on clearance for $5 so it was very hard to pass up when we didn't have any "Planes" toys before this.   For whatever reason my son did enjoy watching the "Planes" movies and is always interested to see Dusty Crophopper wherever we go and play with the toys as he seems them in stores.    I'm not really a big fan of the movies but if he likes them and wants the toys to mix in with his "Cars" line then why not.

I was going to do a seperate review for El Chupacabra but realize I don't have much more to say about him other than the fact that he was found on clearance at Target when they had the 20% off clearance toys Cartwheel deal as he was one of the last toys left from the "Planes" line as they seemed to be moving that out but maintaining the "Planes Fire and Rescue" toys at full price.

I have no idea whether or not we'll get more "Planes" toys in time as I'm in favor of the "Cars" line over this one, but since they can go together my son does enjoy that aspect of it and I do believe that was the intent.    So congrats to Disney/Mattel for having the toys that go together and all that, as their marketing game seems to be on point, and as of right now this is our entire "Planes" collection with no actual idea of what other characters we might be interested in getting.

For me, Dusty was just kind of the only one to get because he's the main character but I also like El Chupacabra because he's kind of like a luchadore.   We'll just have to see what other characters we find on clearance and whether or not my son wants them.

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