Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Toy Review: Doc Hudson + Sally & Lightning McQueen / Cars (Mattel)

On a recent trip to a different Target we found these "Cars" and somehow my son was sleeping at the time so he missed them.    Well, we were there on a Monday and when we got home we realized that they forgot to give us all of our bags when we left Target so we had to call to inform them and decided not to go all the way back two towns over that day again because I had to go over there the next day anyway.   These came as somewhat of a surprise to my son then, but he is in love with all of them.

Doc Hudson is the shiniest and brightest of dark blues, in all of his glories.  I later saw on the back that he comes in a two pack with Sheriff and wished I had waited for that but now I am just on the search of a single carded Sheriff.  (I still haven't seen the two pack either though, so...)   There does exist a deluxe version of Doc with the headset as he is the pit crew chief for Lightning McQueen but the only other Doc Hudson car I might consider adding to this collection is when he is a throwback to the Hudson Hornet, though as it stands right now it is a Toys R Us Exclusive and goes for about twice the price of this one.   Yikes.  (Still, next trip to TRU if I see it...)

Sally and Lightning McQueen obviously go together but this is a nice two pack simply because we did not have Sally yet- and she was the female lead in the movie "Cars"- and this is also yet another Lightning McQueen for us to add to the collection and, yeah, it's the third Lightning McQueen we have overall.   He has that shiny deep red color on him and he's not quite Cruisin' because his tires aren't white, but he is close enough for me that I won't need to get Cruisin' now.   There are other Lightning McQueens out there and probably always will be new ones, but this is pretty much the essential and only Sally we will ever need.

Two more characters added to Radiator Springs and it feels like the checklist is getting to the point now where we have more of the residents than not.  I'm off to search for Sheriff on a single card and will probably end up with more Lightning McQueens and at least one more Doc Hudson along the way as well.

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