Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MP3 Review: Rum Thief "Reach For the Weatherman"

While the name Rum Thief reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson and then Johnny Depp, the songs don't seem to have that too-good-for-themselves type of vibe that you might think someone with a band such as this would have.   That is to say, I would expect this to be the band name of some ivy league educated people who decided they thought Hunter S. Thompson (or Johnny Depp) was "cool" and so they'd name the band after "The Rum Diary", only by a backwards means of implying that they steal rum.    So a good name that could have lead to awful music dodged a real bullet for me as I am completely enjoying this four song EP.

My first thought is that this sounds like The Stryder, which it kind of does on the first song, and then it comes out as a bit of bluesy rock just as well.   The titular track has a bit of Stray Cats to it and "My Friend" is an acoustic ballad, but overall you just have to appreciate the energy and fun in this music.     On top of that, there are lyrics which are just what song lyrics should be anf something I think a lot of people miss these days.   You want something you can sing along with, sure, but you don't want rhymes so simple that you feel as if your intelligence is being insulted.

I recently read an article written by a former publicist for Roadrunner Records explaining what it takes to make it in the music business and the biggest thing that came out for me was the simple fact that you cannot deny talent.   And Rum Thief is oozing with talent.   As long as they continue to make music, I imagine more and more people will find them as they just have that "it" factor you can never really explain but when you hear it you just go, "Yeah, that's it".

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