Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MP3 Review: Michelle Blades "ATARAXIA" (Midnight Special Records)

[€8 to Download // €10 for CD // €12 for 12" vinyl //]

I need to note first and foremost that it is strange (yet wonderful) to me that a lot of the artists I first fell in love with because of this site are releasing new music this year.   From Observer Drift and Work Drugs to Flying Cape Experience and Michelle Blades it feels like 2013 all over again!    I also remember this album having a campaign to raise money for it so that it could be released on vinyl and a lot of that came with the pre-orders and such I believe so odds are if you are already a fan of Michelle Blades or managed to find her in her quest for vinyl then you've already heard this and are one step ahead of me because you own the vinyl as well.

At times this is punk at its core and at other times it reminds me of a song from a Disney movie.   It jumps around all over the place, throwing seemingly every genre in your face, but in such a way that seems to make sense amongst all of the chaos.    If you liked the Michelle Blades album which came before this, you will most definitely enjoy this high energy ride as well.  If you haven't heard either yet then strap yourself in because you're about to go on the ride of a lifetime.

When all you hear is the steady pounding of a snare drum and the words "All I do is think of you", the idea that this is simple might come into your mind.   Don't let it fool you though-- there are such complex moments as stretching out the rhythm of "op-er-a-tor come and save her" and this is just a lot of fun wordplay.   You know, as a writer (and reader) I enjoy words and the ways which they can be used and if nothing else, Michelle Blades has a way around them that come out as singing and spoken words but would still make the best rappers wish they had her skills.

A static rock riot with space laser whirrs and drum beat intensity, everything is on here from 4 Non Blondes to Metric and other sounds you haven't even thought possible yet.   I fell in love with "Zoroaster & Two Devils" instantly because it was intense, energetic and like nothing I'd ever heard before.    In some ways you have to be concerned that the "Wow this is new" feeling might not seem as special on the second release, but this is still every bit as good as you'd hope and if anything it just makes me think back to the chills the previous album gave me.   Michelle Blades is a musical treasure and you should cherish every second of this sound.

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