Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MP3 Review: Emily King "The Switch" (Making Music Records)

The music of Emily King finds itself between the broad spectrums of pop and soul which just creates something so wonderful.    It's parts Macy Gray, Corrine Bailey Rae and even The Jackson 5 but then at times it can be just as much Michael Jackson dance funk with that C&C Music Factory vibe of something from that time period you would have originally found on cassette.     Some Lily Allen can come out on "Already There", but even with those hints of Jennifer Lopez in her vocals at times, Emily King is just carving out her own place in this world of music and this is easly one of my favorite albums of 2015 right now.

One thing you'll notice- as much as I call this one pop- is that the choruses can be pretty wordy and on the whole the songs can have lots of lyrics.   You'd expect pop songs to be a little bit simpler, but Emily King is really just one to go up and above your expectations.    From the first chorus of "If there's something I need I don't already have I know I'll get it from a good friend", which is repeated like a mantra, up until the very end the songs show you that songwriting in a lyrical sense is just as important to Emily King as it is to her in the way this beautiful music is formed.

For a while I was looking for music to compare with other female vocalists in the way that I simply didn't want to reference everything to same three or four artists anymore.    At that time, yes, I was purposely seeking out a great deal of female based music.    Now I seem to have created some kind of monster as I am no longer as eagerly seeking out such music but that doesn't seem to stop it from finding me, especially this year.     Through the dreamy qualities, Emily King just has a voice on her and it is unlike any other you have ever heard before.    Just so, so great.  

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