Friday, June 19, 2015

Toy Review: Todd, Pizza Planet Truck /Cars (Mattel)

After really being content with Lightning McQueen, Dragon Lightning McQueen, Mater and then Finn McMissile I didn't see myself (or my son) getting any more cars from the movie "Cars" any time soon.    Then we happened into a Target one day and saw Todd.   Todd is the Pizza Planet truck and, well, Pizza Planet appears in most of the Disney Pixar movies in some form or another so the fact that it was created in this manner just seemed too cool to me not to pass up.  

As the package says, he is part of the "RSN" series which doesn't mean I really remember him from being in the movies but I am due to watch the original again soon since we recently purchased it on Blu-Ray.    He has a small blimp atop him, the back simply says "YO" as the "TOYOTA" must have faded in time and there is also a lot of dirt and scuff marks on Todd, which isn't to say that all delivery drivers have beat up, older cars but it does seem to be some sort of requirement doesn't it?

For the first three characters from the movie "Cars" we got, I feel like Lightning McQueen and Mater go together because they're friends, but the idea behind getting these toys is to have various cars so that they can race each other.   Todd does not accomplish this, though Finn McMissile does to an extent.   Todd is really more of a novelty, someone to place on a shelf and admire, to know that you sort of are in the running gag at Pixar.    Also, should we decide to one day build a mock up of Radiator Springs I'm sure Todd could find himself in there somewhere as well.

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