Thursday, June 25, 2015

Toy Review: Sarge + Fillmore /Cars (Mattel)

At a trip to Walmart my son saw Sarge and wanted him.  I'm not sure why, but he wouldn't let him go and so for $3.27 it was worth getting since it isn't his first toy from the movie "Cars".   The only catch was that I felt like having Sarge just wouldn't be complete until we also had Fillmore and so on a couple trips later at I believe the same Walmart we found Fillmore and added him with Sarge.
It's funny that there are a few different places in Radiator Springs that you can go to and so far we've only really built upon this one, outside of having Lightning McQueen and Mater, but maybe one day my son will want to slowly start bringing in other characters until we have them all-- who knows.   And if he doesn't and he only wants to pick characters here and there then that's fine too because building Radiator Springs isn't something I'm really looking that forward to anyway.

As far as the toys themselves, they're pretty much the opposites of each other.   Sarge is smaller with really just that army green coat of paint and very little else in the way of details, and yet Fillmore is larger VW van that hippies like to follow the Grateful Dead in.    The amount of detail on Fillmore is kind of surprising- even if all of the tiniest details are not filled in- simply because this is a mass produced toy to be sold for so little money.

One day, after we watch "Cars" again, I wouldn't be surprised if my son was to decide to get a different set of figures, even though these two came individually.   I've been looking for Luigi and Guido to no real avail, but even to go for Flo or Ramone seems like it might be the next logical step into putting the gang back together.   But, yeah, even if we never get other "Cars" after these, I'm fine.  I just enjoy the details and characters they represent and my son certainly has a lot of fun with them.

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