Tuesday, June 23, 2015

sodAPOCALYPSE // Dewshine, An Update and... An End?

When I first began finding all of these wonderful sodas in stores, I'd take pictures of them and post them to the blog simply known as sodAPOCALYPSE.    I haven't updated it in over three years and a lot of factors came in to that decision and the reasons behind why I've dropped a lot of different blogs in favor of focusing all of my attention on one blog, Raised by Gypsies.

Having a three year old means having someone who wants to eat and drink what you are eating and drinking.    I try not to set too bad of an example, so I like to eat and drink things which are appropriate for him as well.   A lot of this came from line of reasoning that went like this:

Him: I want that.
Me: No.
Him: Why not?
Me: Because it's not good for you.

But then why am I drinking/eating it?   It was something that I struggled with for quite some time, and though I haven't completely kicked the habit known as soda drinking- because I will have some here and there, just not every day or in every week, like I used to do- I'm getting a lot better about drinking it on what I only feel to be somewhat random occasions and I feel like ultimately I will end up phasing it out entirely until it no longer even enters my mind as to want to drink it.

So the world of sodAPOCALYPSE might be over simply because I no longer find myself going down that aisle at the grocery store, but I did manage to stumble upon this Dewshine, which looks a lot like a Mountain Dew version of Moonshine but they claim is non-alcoholic.    Seems interesting enough and was worth my popping up after a three year absence to write about, but I'm not saying whether or not this concept known as sodAPOCALYPSE will ever return.

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