Thursday, June 25, 2015

MP3 Review: Observer Drift "Echolocation"

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At this point in time I feel like it's time we admit that Observer Drift has managed to find a sound that we can simply consider to belong to Observer Drift.    There has been enough amazing music made by this artist now that I think the biggest hinderence for Observer Drift is not that people dislike this music but rather that they just haven't found it yet.    So for all of the drum machine sounds, synth pop, blissed out dreams, static, new wave and layers can we just for once say that this simply sounds like Observer Drift?   If you've enjoyed previous albums by Observer Drift this will not disappoint and you can find some new tricks in the bag but also just find that familiarity which doesn't always come with every artist but Observer Drift has been solid with it since I started Raised by Gypsies so I kind of feel like we're growing together.

The first song has this audio clip behind it of a female voice speaking and laughing, though it is somewhat chopped up as well and that's something new I believe.    The music has a lot of energy and at this point in time you should know what to expect from Observer Drift musically if you're reading this review, simply because you should already be listening to this album without my having to tell you.   "Same Way" has a distorted guitar feel to it that strays from the electronic but it still carries the torch the same and so it's a nice way to sort of shake things up during the set.   It does have a bit of a Filter feel to it as well and I love that about it.     "Too Bright" has a hip hop feel to it musically and stands as just another example of what wonderful sounds Observer Drift is capable of creating.

I have no idea whether or not "Echolocation" is going to see a physical release one day but it'd be foolish for some label to not put it out on vinyl.  (I imagine you should download it now for the asking price because that might help it see a physical release)  It has all of the qualities that make an album great but I feel like a broken record telling you how awesome Observer Drift is now.   Just listen to lines like "You don't even know what you're looking for until you need it more than ever before" and ponder them while the overall mood of this album remains somber.   Definitely one not to be missed, though I've been telling you that since I started this site.

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