Friday, June 19, 2015

A Copy For Collapse "Waiting For" (No Sense of Place)

[€10 for 12" //]

The sounds of A Copy For Collapse cannot be described with words, but rather should warrant sounds themselves.   There are funky beats in a synth-laced vibe that brings out something between new wave and maybe even synth wave.    It can remind me a bit of Human League but there is a twist to it as well.     There appears to be singing on only one song, so this will be considered primarily instrumental though not fully instrumental.   It can have static skips just as easily as feel like a song from "Pretty in Pink".   I hear Knight Rider bits and it just overall has a nice rhythm to it.    The cymbal rides also do help a bit.

I wouldn't be opposed to having this on a compact disc, since that is currently what plays in my car (Well, and digital files too) as I could see myself driving around to this without  a care in the world.    But when I think of this music it comes out to me as a cross between synthpop and electropop.    Maybe if not -pop, then perhaps -wave.   It's that Yves Malone feel that Field Hymns might release and yet also enough electronic pleasantries for a label like Illuminated Paths to get behind (Though I wouldn't call it vaporwave)   Though really, whatever label was behind this that I'm already familiar with I could just hear it coming out on cassette as it does have that feeling of going back to that time when they were the latest technology.

The titular track on this album has a big synth feel to it, which makes me want to compare it with something mainstream like New Order, but then there are these "ah ah ah ah ah ah" patterns behind it that kind of pull it back down into my realm and keep it different enough to stay away from the masses, and yet still on that edge where it could dip in at any moment.    Essentially, this could be considered "too weird" for radio or it could one day breakthrough to Top 40 radio and either way I wouldn't be surprised because it is just that good.

I never really thought about this as a record, but that's mainly because I tend to not think about records on the whole.   I've always thought of records as being more of a rock n roll thing, and so I always had those big rock bands as being "record appropriate".   That was, at least, until Giant Claw released "DARK WEB" on vinyl late last year and it made me realize that sometimes all of these little facets which make up the singular sound can occasionally be best experienced on vinyl and A Copy For Collapse seems to be a fine example of that as well.

If nothing else, you should take this album as an example of a kid who grew up in the time of cassettes and never really cared much about vinyl, but this is one of the few albums that really make me think that vinyl has some merit.  My record collection is by no means large- I don't have much more than those which I've reviewed- but if I was to make a list of top ten albums you must own on vinyl "Waiting For" would certainly be on it.   In general though, this should just be on a lot of "top ten" type of lists because it's just excellent no matter what media it is played on.    Every song seems to tell its own story, yet they all remain connected and bring about a story you'll want to hear again and again.

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