Thursday, April 30, 2015

Toy Review: Armor-Up Baymax / Big Hero 6 (Bandai)


First off, how cool is it that this was made by Bandai?   Granted, they did the Ben 10 line which has Man of Action in common with Big Hero 6, but I will always think of Bandai as being the Power Rangers toy company and as such it's pretty neat that Big Hero 6 is here rather than wherever other Disney and Marvel toys come from (I want to say Mattel).    It gives Big Hero 6 its own sense of self, which the movie generates as well since it's not quite standard by any of their other genres.

A few months back, we decided to join the Disney Movie Club.   You know, the one where you buy DVDs for low prices and get special deals and all of that.    Yeah.   Well, this also propelled us into joining the Disney Movie Rewards program which is where you basically enter codes you find in Disney DVDs and BDs to collect points that you can cash in for cool stuff.   At the time we joined, I had points based upon the initial shipment of BDs from the Disney Movie Club, "Gargoyles" Season 2 Volume 2 which I picked up at Walmart to complete my Gargoyles collection and "Micky Mouse" Volume One which my mom got me for my birthday.     This added up to a lot of points, but I was still waiting until I found that one thing I really wanted to cash them in for some day.

And then the email came of the new rewards.   One of them was this very Baymax, who is at Target for $19.99 and on The Disney Store website for $29.99.    The trouble was, I was close to being able to get this Baymax but was still a few points short.    So we talked it over, went to Target and purchased "Big Hero 6" as a BD/DVD combo pack* and then used those points to be able to finally get this Armor-Up Baymax.    It was something that both my son and I wanted as it truly is the best of both worlds when it comes to Baymax because you don't have to choose one way to have him over the other-- you get them both!

[*Side Note: When purchasing the "Big Hero 6" BD/DVD combo pack from Target, I found that it was $19.99 online- at and yet $27.99 in their stores.   So, basically, they were punishing me for leaving my house and trying to get it right then.   Only Target- the not so friendly and unhelpful cashier- said that they would price match, which I told them was kind of silly since they were price matching themselves.   To this, the response was that Target as a physical store and as a website are not related.   How that works I have no idea but for all of the shopping I've done at Target I feel like they've screwed me out of thousands of dollars without my knowing because they think of as being the same as Best Buy or Walmart which makes absolutely no earthly sense.]

As per the box, Baymax has twenty pieces that fit onto him pretty nicely.   The legs and arms themselves each have two halves to form the full armor, much like the front and back of the torso piece, and then there are two fists to add on, a helmet, two wings, two upper leg pieces to kind of hide the white and then two sort of shoulder pads as well to hide the white and just give Baymax some more armor.    The box says Baymax is for ages 4+ and that's fairly accurate as the pieces aren't that small but he can be difficult to put together and take apart, not just for my three year old but for me as well.  (Admittedly, when I was first trying to put the armor on his arms I had it upside down)

One of the other neat things that I didn't realize going into this was that you actually take Baymax's body (his stomach/chest and back area) and pull it out so you can twist it upside down.   This gives him the appearance of being more like a marshmallow when he isn't wearing the armor and then when you do put the armor on it makes him look more like a superhero because he has a bigger chest.     I'm not sure what holds the pieces together but it has a stretchy/elastic quality to it and I'm always worried I'm going to pull it too hard and it's going to snap, though it feels fairly sturdy and tightly secure.

The one thing that I don't like about this Baymax figure is that there are gaps between his arms that are visible when he is not wearing his armor.    This is obviously done because he needs that space for the bulk that the armor creates but it is still a little bit off putting.    I know there are more than one Power Rangers toys that come with add-ons, such as Robo Knight, but they don't really put on as much as Baymax so it makes sense that they don't have a similar issue.

For me, this toy is the best of both worlds- a Transformer and a puzzle, Tony Stark and Iron Man, Batman and Bruce Wayne and so on.   My son will certainly enjoy taking it apart and putting it back together when he is able to do it himself, but this also leaves the door open for other Big Hero 6 toys even though I thought of this as being the *one* Baymax we would have to buy.     Oh well.  I have nothing but love for both Big Hero 6 and Bandai so buying all of the Big Hero 6 toys that I possibly can does not seem that unfair to me.  Especially since this wasn't something that I technically paid for and rather just received for being a smart shopper/member of the Disney Movie Rewards club.

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