Thursday, April 30, 2015

CD Review: j moss "ghost brush" (practice records)

[$5 // Edition of 4 //]

If you're wondering what the sound of J Moss is like then you will most certainly have to listen to "Ghost Brush" the entire way through and then again and possibly even a third time before you can quite figure it out.    The first song has this Elvis Presley feel to it though it is an acoustic rock style in nature.   I've never actually heard Elvis acoustic before, outside of his Blue Hawaii type of stuff, but that might be worth looking into now.

There are instrumental songs, which sometimes just sound like the other songs only without vocals, but then you get to the song "Folk in E" and it's this ambient/drone type of number with acoustic guitar notes blended in.    To say that this is simply folk would be a vast understatement, since other sounds are channeled, but it does seem to be folk in its core.

On one hand, there is a song that is a mix between Bob Dylan and Two Gallants (who get compared to Dylan anyway) and it doesn't help that the lyrics are about killing his wife and going to stand trial and all that.   But then when you get further in, there are these sounds like the acoustic elements of Monster Magnet or that "Rusty Cage" song by Johnny Cash.

So at this point I really feel like I don't need to say anything else about this CD.   I've compared it with- but not sounding exactly like- Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.  If the fact that those three geniuses cannot get you to listen to this then I'm really not sure what would convince you.

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