Thursday, March 19, 2015

Toy Review: Metalhead / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Playmates)

When I was a kid I remember having Metalhead as a toy.   He was a lot shinier back then, but this version isn't that bad either.   I asked my son if he liked Metalhead because he's a robot version of a Ninja Turtle and he agreed.     The yellow portions of him could have been a shiny gold, sure, but that's also not so much how he is portrayed in the new series so it makes sense in that regard.

The one accessory that Metalhead comes with is a missile which has a hole it slides into on his right arm.   There isn't really a spring or anything in there to help launch it so I'm not sure what you're supposed to do other than push it really hard from the back and hope for the best.   Needless to say, Playmates could have spent less time and money on this and instead could have given us a nice shiny coat of paint, but what can you do?

This version of Metalhead also seems to be made of parts found in the sewer (which would tie into the new version of him in the new series) and that's somewhat different from the Metalhead I remember as a toy growing up.   The circuits inside of his stomach are one of those little things that makes me like this version of Metalhead better than the original.

An image search on Google of "Metalhead Ninja Turtles action figure" will produce results of people who have chosen to touch up this figure by adding various paint work to it, so as to make it look dirtier and why not because he lives in the sewer and is built out of parts from there as well.   People have added accessories to his hands though and in one instance I even saw someone paint him to look like Iron Man.   All good ideas I would try if I ever was to find another Metalhead at Savers.

In a lot of ways, Metalhead is the fifth Ninja Turtle and, again, what is there to not like about a robotic Ninja Turtle?   I can't find as many flaws with this figure as I can with others in the Playmates Universe (that paint job on Tiger Claw will always haunt me) and he is one of my son's favorites, as I also remember the original being one of my favorites growing up.

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