Thursday, February 12, 2015

Toy Review: Casey Jones / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Playmates)

When I was a child and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had their first run of toys I had most all of them.   I then left them at my parents house when I moved out and when I went looking for them in their attic I couldn't find them.   One of my favorites was always Casey Jones because I liked that he had that hockey mask and a golf bag of sorts as well to keep his various weapons in.    Well, some long years later we have a new version of Casey Jones (and not his second version either, as he has been reimagined before) and he is somewhat of a kid himself.

I was originally drawn to this figure the first time I saw it Walmart, before I paid any attention to who was in this new TMNT series and who was going to be released in the future even.    As I showed the figure to my son he had no interest in him and as such months passed and I only collected the Turtles themselves until Tiger Claw broke through that wall and, well, to be fair I did buy Casey Jones at the same time, at Target for $8.99.

Aside from the... whatever it is... on his left hand, Casey Jones (without his mask on) looks kind of like an emo kid and I think that as well because he reminds me of something from the My Chemical Romance video for "The Black Parade".   I'm sure this might make him a hit with some level of kids these days but I'm sure about 90% of them (or more) don't even get the connection or see him as being emo.

His weapons are bland, plain white and that's the only real drawback from how the prototype looks compared to the finished product for me.   When I reviewed the TMNT 2014 Movie Boxed Set I mentioned a customizer and according to his website the TMNT weapons are of a wax nature and thus can be hard to paint.   I might not try and do anything with the baseball bat but I might try using some colored duct tape to make the hockey stick look a little bit better.

Astectically, this figure has two things about it that stand out to me but aren't too much of a problem either.    For one thing, he is wearing cleats which seem like it might make it harder for him to stand but alas they haven't posed too big a problem for me yet.    The other issue is the part on his back with is to hold his baseball bat and hockey stick.   Much like the holsters for Tiger Claw's guns they sometimes fit in perfectly and would seemingly never come out and other times they just feel like when you put two same ends of a magnet together.

There undoubtedly a number of different characters out there right now in this particular line of TMNT toys.    Some of them will go without reviews from me simply because I won't buy them (Unless maybe they are clearanced down really low or have some sort of crazy sale, but yeah, otherwise Kirby Bat will never find a home with me)   And I'm not about to make a list of who I plan to buy eventually and who I won't but Casey Jones is a most excellent second addition to my collection.

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