Friday, February 6, 2015

Record Review: mole people "red reflector" (tolmie terrapin)

[$5 // Edition of 300 //]

When I was listening to the cassette by mole people I never really thought about what they might sound like on record.    Granted, I had the cassette and record at the same time so I probably should have been thinking in the back of my mind about how this might translate onto vinyl before spinning the black circle, but I spent too much time focusing on the cassette aspects of it.

The answer to my question is that this sounds great on vinyl and I'm pretty sure that mole people are a stellar enough of band that they could shine on any media you wish to play them on.  (Though results may vary based on your car's shitty stock speakers and/or computer speakers so don't come crying to me if you decide to only stream this.

As with their cassette these songs are made of rock n roll distortion.   There are moments of screaming and moments of clarity.   I can hear Dana Fowler And The coming out and I can hear what sounds like on the last song Bob Dylan fronting Marilyn Manson (you know, since Marilyn Manson is also the name of the band and not just the front guy)

Even if you don't like vinyl (I'm a known not-too-big-fan of it) you should listen to this record because if the cassette by mole people has proven anything to you it should be that this is a band that you must hear every single song from, no exceptions.

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