Friday, February 6, 2015

CD Review: Mind Brains (Orange Twin Records)


I really don't have a reference to compare Mind Brains to but that is okay.   Here's all that you need to know about this band.   Their music is sometimes instrumental and sometimes it has vocals.   I've never actually measured it in any manner but it could be a pretty even split between the two.   Every time I hear the pieces without vocals I start to think who it could possibly sound like and then it changes up into something else.

This definitely rocks and there are space lasers in it.   Some of the beats are poppy and my three year old son likes to dance when I put it on and tell me how much he likes it.   It's fun like Blur's "Song 2" but doesn't really sound like that per se.    There are also these sort of grinding doom parts which remind me of something like Marilyn Manson mixed with a Willy Wonka ride through his chocolate factory.

With Valient Thorr guitar riff booms this can also be eerie like Doctor Who but mostly it's unlike anything you've ever heard before but you're still going to want to turn it up and turn it up loud.    At any given moment I do expect the vocals to sing in unison "We don't need no education", but they never do.

Oh, and this CD also came from Orange Twin Records with bread that had a star shape carved into it.   When I asked their press guy (who does not work in house) about it he said not to trust the bread even though my son wanted to eat it.    So there's also that.   If you order this CD, you might get some bread.   If you do, and you eat the bread, please email me and let me know how it turns out.   No joke.

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