Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cassette Review: D003Y D3C1MAL "Songs from a Shelf Life" (Illuminated Paths)

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Right away I love D003Y D3C1MAL because even though it slows down my thoughts to have to type that out with the numbers instead of certain letters I still like that it is a nod to a system made obsolete by computer databases.    Imagine a world without computers and how different it would be from what we know right now.

This is beats, loops and synth laser whirrs.   There are chopped up audio clips like Max Headgroom and it throws back to the days of old school hip hop as well.    Through moments of the records scratching come Santana-like guitar solos.     On one particular song there are vocals about how he wants you to be his Player Two and that draws out comparisons to early Hellogoodbye at first but then as I think more closely about it I remember Slime Girls would be much more fitting.

There is something about space as he sings "I am a librarian", which again makes sense given the artist name.    "Life is getting tricky" and there is a xylophone.    With rocking fast paced beats go robotic vocals and I'm reminded of Vagina Missile Crisis (and wonder whatever happened to them).    The end of Side AS brings hidden audio- what was taped over- as it appears to be a Michael Jackson remix of some kind.

Side B is a little bit slower now but the talk of books and libraries continues as a theme throughout and that only makes sense because of the artist name and even the cassette title.   Many people don't go to their local library or even know where it is so if this cassette only brings that much more attention to local libraries then I am pleased to have heard its groovy beats and rhythms.    Stop paying to read books and watch movies when you can do it from your local library for free, ya suckas.

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