Friday, December 5, 2014

MP3 Review: The Editor "SPHERE [高度な]"


The more that I listen to The Editor, the more I find myself figuring out what my reviews of this music should be.    After listening to multiple pieces multiple times now I've realized that this is instantly enjoyable to me and so when it comes to words beyond that I get stuck.    It's like, I know that I like this so my quest is to determine why and put it into words that everyone else can relate to easily.   (Side Note: I'd make a horrible food reviewer for this reason because a lot of my reviews would consist of "I don't know, it just tastes good")

On one hand  I find myself really liking this music because the opening line to this album is an audio clip from "Robocop", the original movie not the remake.     That instantly places me back into my youth and while I can hear "Knight Rider" sounds mixed with ninjas and lasers I am taken back to a place that I might not even be sure of entirely.   I think of this as being the soundtrack to the animated series "M.A.S.K.", which is most definitely one of my favorite forgotten chidlhood memories.

At the same time (Sometimes in the same song, sometimes more in other songs) there is this blend of modern music which can go to anywhere from the "Trainspotting" soundtrack to that of "Run Lola Run", which admittedly aren't that modern but my mind still goes to them as modern just proving I'm old.    An actual modern movie which I could see this as serving as the soundtrack to would be "Hanna", which is just amazing because so much of that movie was visuals.

Perhaps the biggest thing that this specific release by The Editor has taught me though is just how little I know about electronic music, regardless of how much I hear it now.   Growing up, I never listened to electronic music really and the closest I ever came to it was a sampler cassette from Wax Trax Records (I should really post about that one day, for nostalgia's sake) and so I mean, I can't really say, "Well this sounds like newer something mixed with older something" because my knowledge of electronic artists doesn't extend far at all.

Yet when I listen to this and hear those undertones of 1980's synthwave I can't help but wonder why I've never listened to electronic music that much in my youth.    Many of the genres I listened to as a kid seemed to transition one into the other, and as such I feel like some of that which I hear in this should have lead me into something similar to this only older (and the newer ones too) for comparisons, but here I am.

Would it be wrong to say that this music is bridging a gap between my younger self and older self, a bridge that should have been built in the 1990's but only managed to be created now?    Either way, this is serving as a catalyst for me to learn more about electronic music because I definitely like it (and as such The Editor) because after listening to Human League and Culture Club nonstop back in the day it only feels natural.    #youarejustamachine

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