Friday, December 5, 2014

MP3 Review: dave Go and the Guy from Beastmaster "dear darwin, kill jesus."

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I want to believe that this artist name is in reference to the television series spinoff and not the movie because the movie was *technically* called "The Beastmaster" and as such I plan on emailing this Bandcamp page as soon as I'm done writing this review and asking if they will do a collaboration with me.   Signed: sincerely yours, Daniel Goddard.

Here is another interesting tidbit about this piece of music, which you can stream or download for free on the Bandcamp link provided and I encourage you to do just that.   The title is kind of an oxymoron of itself.    People who believe in evolution tend not to believe in God and as such Darwin couldn't really kill someone he doesn't believe to have existed.

Somehow now I want to see a movie where The Beastmaster- Marc Singer style- goes back in time, grabs Darwin and then goes back further in time in an attempt to kill Jesus.   It'd be like Highlander meets Bill & Ted.  (Or maybe just Highlander meets Highlander)

On another side note, I'd really like to have these albums (Not just this one, dave Go has two others on the Bandcamp site) released on VHS and simply dubbed over old copies of "The Beastmaster" movie.   If they were to be released on cassette with altered images of movie posters (or VHS covers) that would also be accpetable.

Oh shit, am I reviewing music or telling you about a dream I had last night?   Picture all that electronic music that you listen to only it's ripped up and thrown back together in your face with some audio clips and other noises.   Look, I can't compare this to other artists for you because much like the name itself dave Go and the Guy from Beastmaster has no equal.  

This is free to download or stream.   Go download it, put it on CD (or cassette if you have a cassette player in your car still-- you can google how to transfer from laptop to cassette tape, it's fairly basic) and let it bang in the trunk of your car.    I'm tired of hearing your shit-hop anyway so let this one ride.

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