Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MP3 Review: Fascist Insect "Fall of America"

[Name Your Price Download // https://fascistinsect.bandcamp.com/album/fall-of-america]

[Please Note: As per their Bandcamp page this was originally released in 2008 but remains just as relevant today as it was six years ago, perhaps even more so now than then, I don't know we'll let history decide]

I wasn't sure who Fascist Insect was exactly but I kept seeing the name pop up under new releases so I decided to check it out.   Having a Name Your Price download never hurts because free is always good when it comes to downloads, though you might want to throw some musicians a dollar or two sometimes.

What begins in a flurry of metal and hardcore can end in something closely related to it but not quite the same.   It starts as that Converge and Every Time I Die feel that makes you want to punch walls but by the end of it you've transitioned from Agnostic Front/H2O/Bouncing Souls sounds of hardcore-punk into something more like Warzone or Shut Down.

If these six songs (and to think it does this over the course of only six songs and not a full length of ten or twelve is astounding) were all the same as the first in that Converge blast way I would easily be a fan of this.     The fact that they seemingly grow right before you eyes, much like a hardcore catepillar blossoms into a punk butterfly is proof you should be listening to this as well.

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