Friday, October 17, 2014

MP3 Review: Krowodrzanie "gdybymż był organizmem jednokomórkowym"

[€3.50 // Edition of 10 //]

This is an edition of ten with three remaining as I type this.   It comes from Poland as well, so I wasn't stressing the purchase of the actual cassette so much as just listening to it digitally.    Somewhat spoken word somewhat singing, this comes off I believe in Polish and as such it can remind me at different times of Gogol Bordello who are not Polish but it just has that same general vibe.   Plus this is closer to gypsy punk than polka.

While this begins with the softer sound of tapping metal knives or forks onto drinking glasses, it does pick up throughout with some pretty heavy synth blasts.   It's somewhere between an evil villain in outerspace and something that might be part of the new Bill & Ted movie.

Either way, this whole sound is quite different from what I'm used to hearing yet has enough elements of it delivered in a way that I can get down with so listen to this one because I will probably end up figuring out the conversion rate and postage costs and just buying a cassette.

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