Thursday, September 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Burning Ghats “Continuous Winter”

                This is available as a cassette for $6 CAD, which with shipping comes out to be nearly $12 US.   I’m not saying that’s too much for a cassette because it’s $5.49 US for the cassette itself and then $6.41 to ship it (shipping from Canada to the US is more than just shipping within the US, sure), but this is pretty much your straight up hardcore/punk like Reach the Sky and Skarhead were doing on Victory Records all those years ago in the late ‘90’s and even some bands like Bane were doing at the same time.  

                If you’re very into hardcore then this is something you might want on cassette.  If you’re like me and a little bit more cautious with your money, you might just want to stick with the name your price download here and toss them a few bucks at most.  

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