Tuesday, August 26, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Yek Koo “Desolation Peak” (Emerald Cocoon)

                This would be my third time hearing Yek Koo, and as the first two experiences were also on vinyl I need to take a moment to reflect here and let you know that for all of the vinyl that I don’t collect (And I am by no means a collector of vinyl records—I like them fine, but I don’t love them as some people do) this is the most records I own by an artist who is still making music.    Well, let me rephrase that because Bob Dylan is still active now that I think about it.   This is the most records that I own by an artist who released them when I was at an appropriate age to buy them. 

                To think of that not only speaks volumes for Yek Koo as an artist, but just makes you think that whatever this special combination of music plus record is it’s definitely working.   On “Desolation Peak”, we are treated to more random yet somewhat pained sounding vocals spewed over Hendrix-like guitar notes.    There is more than enough distortion for one person and it has its own elements of psychedelic rock as well.   I don’t like to use terms like “art rock” or “art punk”, but they may apply here if only on the surface—if only to get the listener’s foot in the door.

                What perhaps amazes me the most about this record and Yek Koo on the whole it is that is so intentionally anti-pop where it just becomes so unconventional in its delivery (You’d never hear it on mainstream radio), yet there is just something about it that draws me in.   It’s not in the same way that a pop song can get stuck in your head, but it does become rather addicting. 

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