Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: SCUO "5678765" (New Atlantis Recordings)

            On the surface of this cassette I feel like SCUO is the type of sound we hear quite often, yet when I look for points of comparison I realize it is rather something that we should be hearing a lot more of because it is just that good.  I don’t even know if Andrew Wagner is still doing Losing Interest, but this is something that I could have heard on that label back in the early ‘00’s. 

            “5678765” begins with frantic guitars and drums.  Though instrumental, it has that post-punk / post-rock sound to it where it’s just heavy but not too heavy.   Bands like Piebald come out right away for me, as well as The Casket Lottery.   There are some siren-like sounds and this side ends with a pounding groove which is just a stellar example of what these two instruments- a guitar and drum kit- can do.

            Side B has some false starts before going into that Nirvana sort of garage era sound.   Along with that classic feel there is maybe something else in here like a little bit of Primus, which is odd to say because Primus is bass guitar orientated.  I suppose it is just the complexity, the intricate details of the music that makes me go there.   I also want to say that this reminds me of The Proclaimers, but like most people I only know them for that one song.

            Odds are good that you have heard at least one band in your lifetime that you can relate this to, only perhaps they had vocals where as SCUO does not.   It is also fairly easy to assume that the band you might equate this with is probably nowhere near as good in the delivery as SCUO and for that this cassette needs to be heard.  

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