Monday, August 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Dyskinesia “Dalla Nascita” (Cruel Nature Records)

                What you think you hear might not be what you actually hear on “Dalla Nascita”, but I have come to the conclusion somehow that perhaps Dyskinesia has forged a new sound and it is one that not only works on multiple levels but I am a fan of as well.

                The songs begin with the negative chords that have a post-rock sound or maybe even a post-hardcore sound, but then they also get closer to that screamy hardcore sound as well.  It’s somewhere between mewithoutYou, As Cities Burn, Thrice and something that I just can’t quite place.

                As it gets further into the cassette, it does pick up the pace a bit and become heavier, yet also somehow triumphant in that as well.  There is something like The Hope Conspiracy in here on some level as well, in that punk/hardcore sort of manner I’ve loved since I was in my teenage years.

                While this also has a large amount of heavy distortion, and there should be a band that this can easily be traced back to though there isn’t, the one thing I can hear come out of this somehow is the drone.    This makes me wonder whether or not drone can somehow be combined with hardcore.  Are there different levels of drone?  Would the most accessible drone perhaps be mixed with pop?   Does such a thing as that exist?

                I know hardcore doesn’t exactly mix with everything, though it won’t stop bands from trying, but this cassette by Dyskinesia is hardcore in nature yet has these underlying hints of drone and that just helps it to stand out in what was once a vast sea of hardcore goodness and I can only assume now has been depleted over time.

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