Monday, August 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: 人柱二 “頭足類” (Cruel Nature Records)

                For a cassette that I can’t really quote by name or title, I really do enjoy the overall rocking nature of it enough that what it is called doesn’t seem to really matter.   It begins with these just driving rock n roll guitars that are somewhere between The Offspring and “Rock Lobster”.    This only gets heavier as we go on through the first side, bringing out a lighter sort of Helmet feel for me.

                Some of my usual suspects are in here for the comparisons list:  The pounding of Local H, for one.  There are some elements of Tool as well, though it also has that clapping type of rhythm that makes me think “Mickey you’re so fine, hey Mickey!”.     It is experimental and instrumental, so if no one has come up with the term yet let’s go ahead and call this experinstru. 

                By the end of Side A though, the pace slows down a bit, and the chaos comes to a head as it has only the most precise of crashes which sound like cymbals but could just as easily be a gong.   It becomes ambient and seamlessly shifts into this, helping me to forget the rocking pace just moments ago.

                Side B opens with the darker guitar notes, the negative kind, and I’m feeling some Nirvana come through with them.  Static chaos makes way for muffled talking, letting you know that something is being said but perhaps what it is exactly is not as important.    There are some really good bass lines in here and on the whole I just like to think of this particular section as perhaps being Blue October covering Gary Numan’s “Cars”, which to my knowledge has never happened.

                The last track ends with applause, as it was apparently live, and yet again I am fooled by the recording quality of a cassette because I really had no idea this was going on live because even to be recorded with something digital (as opposed to straight to cassette) you still imagine it would lose something in the translation to cassette, but this just comes as a surprise as it being live.

                On the Bandcamp page for this one, there is an English version of what the artist name and cassette title mean exactly, but it’s still rock n roll to me. 

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