Monday, July 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Treasure Hunt “Hacker” (Illuminated Paths)

                If you ever wondered what makes a particular piece of music have a theme, look no further than the Treasure Hunt cassette “Hacker”, as it begins with the sound of a modem and our hacking is underway!   

                These are beats that Gir can dance to that border on techno even.   I can definitely hear something of the hip hop world coming through as well because I’m thinking of Missy Elliott (which I never do).     It’s dreamy with lasers and whirlpools.     It would make Michael Jackson proud and the fact that it goes so hard for so long makes me question whether or not it is on some sort of performance enhancing drugs.

                If you’ve ever done something you weren’t supposed to on the computer (Spying on your sister doesn’t count, you need real help) or have thought about it, then this is the soundtrack for you to get going.

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