Monday, July 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Otto Rollo “Robert’s Trip” (Illuminated Paths)

                I never quite know what to expect from Illuminated Paths, but I generally tend to find their releases to be under the seapunk/vaporwave/glo-fi type of banner.   So when I see a name such as Otto Rollo, for one of the first times in my experience of reviewing music I don’t automatically go to singer/songwriter though perhaps I should have as “Robert’s Trip” is closer to that than anything else on Illuminated Paths.

                This cassette begins with an acoustic guitar, keyboard tones and vocals, and it leaves me checking to make sure I’m listening to the right one as it really goes out of the box for Illuminated Paths.   Throughout the course of this cassette, the sound becomes that of an indie folk singer, which begins more or less as a one man sound and eventually becomes a full on band.

                Through these chime note loops and other sounds it is difficult to gauge an accurate comparison for Otto Rollo, though this still remains quite good.   The closest and only thing I can really hear coming out in here is some of the sitar era Beatles sound, and that’s not a bad thing because I like that music but also because it makes “Robert’s Trip” that much more unique. 

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