Monday, June 9, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Yek Koo “Alone Together #3: Oh Woman / Flame Creation” (Emerald Cocoon)

                This would be my second time listening to something from Emerald Cocoon and it is another record from the Alone Together series.  A quick internet search taught me that Yek Koo is a one woman show and she has not only performed with Ashley Paul (My first Emerald Cocoon review) but that she is also one half of Metal Rouge (forthcoming Emerald Cocoon reviews for me).  

                Music is my drug.   Music is my gateway drug as well.   I don’t know what else (if anything does even exist) could be so powerful as to send you spinning off in so many different directions after experiencing it.    All of the music I listen to (I believe) is connected somehow because it’s like this artist shares this label with this other artist and so on, but yeah, how anyone cannot become just fully engrossed in music is beyond me.

                The first of these two songs has synth riffs and reminds me of Delta Dart right off the bat.   The vocals are layered and it just somehow makes it better.   It is a more traditionally composed piece, but is still not really pop.   On some levels it could be considered haunting and the drums are rocking.

                “Flame Creation” follows this as a less traditional song than “Oh Woman”, as it is closer to noise on many levels.   Specifically, I just love this song because it is percussion heavy and I’ve always felt that with so many different choices for instruments within that range of percussion you could create an entire piece of music around just them. 

                Is it now my goal to also listen to everything Yek Koo has ever done?  Absolutely.  And that perhaps is the best reason why you should be listening to this one as well. 

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