Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: hicksoncompactgroup “How to Make Your Car a Spaceship”

            This was originally to be part of my review series based upon whether or not you should buy the cassette after hearing the download of it, but I liked what I heard from the download so much that I just went ahead and got this as a cassette because it is so limited.   While it is set as a Name Your Price Download, it is also as a cassette in an edition of 10, which goes for an even $5 but as of my typing this there only remain two copies and by the time this is posted they will probably be gone.

            The songs on this cassette are long drone with some synth coming through; though by the second side it does also bring out hints of FNL.   As it evolves from start to finish, you do feel as if something is happening and that might just be a car being turned into a spaceship.  

            On some levels, aside from the space aspect of it, I’m also really reminded of the movie I watched recently about building your own time travel machine called “Safety Not Guaranteed”.   Though much of the soundtrack to that movie currently escapes me, I just kept thinking of scenes from that movie during the listening process of this cassette.

            Perhaps the greatest reason to listen to this on cassette as opposed to any other format is simply because whilst creating this spaceship out of your car, all I can imagine is a car being used that has a tape deck in it.  I’m not certain why, but I’m not under the impression that the car itself is even new enough to have a CD player in it, and so I just imagine popping this into your car stereo and blasting off into space.  

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