Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Moon ra “The Twilight tOne”

            In my personal quest to create music I have stumbled upon two interesting programs which I have been admittedly tampering with to create sound.  One is the Garage Band app on my phone and the other is Cakewalk, which is a program I was able to install on my computer because of a musical keyboard I purchased (A keyboard which was on sale and I thought would make a great starter instrument of the sort)

            Immediately on this album and then later on as it nears the end, I can hear a beat pattern I can identify as being from Cakewalk, though I cannot place the exact name of it.  (I could if I opened Cakewalk and looked it up directly, but I'd really rather not.  In fact, next time I do open Cakewalk it will reveal itself to me but by then it shall be too late to mention in this review)

            The general tone to the music of Moon ra seems to be somewhere between ambient and noise.  There are moments when it is ear-piercingly sharp and at other times it is simply a smooth rhythm on a loop that can either relax or move you, depending upon your mood.   Overall though, this is just some really good music that I wasn't able to get on cassette (Is the tape sold out?) but I do look forward to future Moon ra cassettes now for certain.

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