Monday, May 19, 2014

elizabeth veldon “three songs for ghosts”

                Elizabeth Veldon is a sound artist who has almost 300 releases posted to her Bandcamp currently, and even though some of them might be single songs that is none the less quite an impressive and large catalogue of music to try and listen to for anyone, and that goes especially for someone such as myself who might want to try and review them all as well.    Why, after downloading and listening to “three songs for ghosts”, then preparing this review, there have been more releases posted to veldon’s Bandcamp than some artist release during a career. 

                Only time will tell whether these releases maintain their consistency throughout the years, as this is one of the more recent ones and I plan on going next from the beginning and working my way to the present, though on some level of time I realize I might never be able to catch up. 

                These songs begin with a clicking sound, almost as if someone is typing, and then it turns into something from a horror movie.  It is dark and brooding, quiet, with loops and echoes of the deaf.   There is a definite rhythm to it, which is nice, but the overall vibe does maintain something closer to being otherworldly, which absolutely seems appropriate for being songs dedicated to ghosts.  

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