Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: netcat “Cycles Per Instruction”

            At first, netcat threw me for a loop because I could tell based on their song titles and most everything else that this was most likely going to be a cassette with undertones about technology, specifically computers and the internet.  So when I pressed play on what turned out to be ambient, I was also surprised to hear what sounded nautical to me.

            Whether a boat at sea or a submarine doing submarine stuff, computers do have some presence in the water but you still just don’t relate them with being there, now do you?

            Eventually, some robotic vocals do kick in and then they female computer voice that Illegal Wiretaps uses makes an appearance also.  This begins to bring out more of the computer vibe that I was expecting, and if you want to call this something to do with computers (somehow mix “computer” or “technology” with “ambience”) then that could work, but yes, this is genre defying.

            To somewhat keep with the computer theme, there are sounds of what I can only describe as a Star Wars Imperial Death March (either you get it or you don’t), but then it also strays away from my theory at times with sounds such as the ringing of church bells. Though the internet could be your religion, I suppose.  #churchofwifi

            As a computer programmer by trade, this cassette speaks to me in a “Tron” sort of way.  Perhaps if you are not a programmer you will take something different from this, but the ambient robot sounds are kind of hard not to enjoy.  

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